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2014 – The Year of the Fat Bottom Girl

The Chinese New Year calendar says it’s the year of the horse, but I’ve decided to shake shit up and make it The Year of the Fat Bottom Girl.  Because I can.

Have you ever noticed the sub-title of my blog? “It’s not about the ass, it’s about the attitude”? That’s not entirely true. It’s kind of about the ass.  Many of you have probably wondered about the size of my ass. Or possibly you have speculated aloud, some even telling me that they believed my ass wasn’t really that big, even though I call myself the Fat Bottom Girl. But here’s the deal–baby got back. I got a little junk in my trunk. I’m packing a little meat in my seat.  That’s right, this ass be bootylicious.

To get slightly serious for a moment, as I begin 2014, I am on a quest to be more accepting of my body. To be kinder to myself when I look in the mirror, and I want the rest of my fat bottom girl crew to come along on this quest with me. It’s time to embrace the skin you’re in! It’s time to be okay with having a juicy booty! (That does not mean run out and buy sweatpants with “juicy” monogrammed across the ass!  That shit is just plain tacky!)

My goal is to be able to look at my ass in the mirror, and have the first thing that runs across my mind be, “Damn girl, you don’t just have a can, you got a can-can”, or, “The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'”, instead of looking at it in disgust and comparing myself to some composite woman in my mind who has been pieced together through advertisements and tapes of old boyfriends telling me what I am lacking.

Ladies, it’s time to embrace your fat bottoms! Gentlemen, if you’re like Sir Mix-A-Lot and like your woman with some curves, let it be known! Give her a smack on that ass every once in awhile, and tell her you love her each week day, each velvety cheek day.

This Fat Bottom Girl is going to make sure 2014 is a great year, and to kick it off right, I’ve put together a video list –  “Ode to Fat Bottoms”. So get up, shake that healthy butt, and enjoy!

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56 thoughts on “2014 – The Year of the Fat Bottom Girl

  1. Honky Tonk Baadonkadonk hits the spot every time, sister. Everytime. Best wishes for a great new year. Sorry I’ve been so sparce; I’m having trouble being a good follower all over the blogosphere, so it’s nothing personal…sigh.

    • Happy New Year Don! I have also been a terrible follower as of late. . .it’s a little thing called work! I’m actually having to do some while I’m at work, so my reading is falling behind! hahaha

  2. Love your curves and yourself. Men like ’em too.

  3. Hopefully you can put all that work behind you.

  4. Men love curves! Happy New Year!

  5. I’m with Chris! Get on your blog and ride!

  6. Love. And love.
    And now I love you even more cause I love kc and the the sunshine band! Best one! (My opinion).
    And note….embrace your ass! ☺️

  7. Melanie on said:

    I’ll raise a glass to that!

  8. Baby Got Back is my anthem

  9. So what do I do??
    My ass is non-existant.
    It’s all in the front tummy,,,,do you think they have ass transplants??

  10. Baby Got Back, Big Ole Butt and Bootylicious have all been written specifically for me. My butt has been loved by all since before I knew what type of weapon I was really holding. Haha!! I take a side view every once in a while and say…dayum girl…you still got it. Give myself a little slap to keep the confidence up and there ya go! Embrace the booty!!

  11. Awww…my FatBottomGirl! Love, love, love this post, baby-cakes. You know I do because you know me and my own fabulous FatBottom!! Woop!

    I smiled so big at this wonderment, this statement of intent, this ravishing anthem of self-love. This says it all: “Ladies, it’s time to embrace your fat bottoms! Gentlemen, if you’re like Sir Mix-A-Lot and like your woman with some curves, let it be known! Give her a smack on that ass every once in awhile, and tell her you love her each week day, each velvety cheek day.” Ahahah!! Perfection, my adorbs friend. Love you, and your fat bottom, oodles.

    • Thanks Lizzy!! Hope your man shows your healthy butt some love on a daily basis!

      It’s really great for me to know that there are men in this world who appreciate all sizes and types of women too. Advertisers would like us to think we all have to be pencil thin, with either no boobs, or fake boobs, and tons of botox and collagen. It’s not reality. And as much fun as photoshop can be, it’s perpetrating fraud on the public every day.

      I say fuck advertisers and embrace your own personal beauty!!

      Love you Lizzy and thanks for being such a wonderful supporter with amazing words of encouragement! You rock my fat bottom sisters!

  12. BOOTY LOVIN’ perfect way to start 2014. And thank you for reminding me of these amazing songs 🙂

  13. The Good News on said:

    Happy year of the fat bottom girl to you from one curvy girl to another. Love it!

  14. How could I leave this behind?
    Awesome, ma’am! Year of the FBG! I may end up being a Flat-Bottom Girl, but Even without the ass, there’s always attitude! Thanks for the great tunes and a chuckle to start my 2014!!

    • You’re quite welcome! How can anyone resist a good booty song?? If I was on American Bandstand and they had asked me to rate a song, here’s what I would told Dick Clark, “It had a great beat and I could really shake my booty to it.” Isn’t that the true judgment of a good tune?

  15. I have always been self conscious of my backside as well, though I sometimes am shamefree when wearing a pair of shiny leopard print spandex:) Im going to try to embrace my booty as well….Not literally though, because that would be impossible…or would it????:)

  16. Love this post, including all the videos! thank you.

  17. I actually quite enjoy my fat bottom. It’s like carrying around a comfy pillow to sit on. The year of the fat bottom sounds like a great year.

  18. I wish this year, and every year, was ‘The Year Of The Cow’. Why?, you ask? Well, every time some skinny skank complained about another woman, she’d say something derogatory and call that woman a cow. It took no time for me to figure out that the ‘cow’ was one of those women that was thick in all the right places and had an especially appealing round cushion built right into where she sat.

    Nowadays they just say ‘bitch’. Let me tell you, that is much harder to figure out.

    I like the ladies that have that built in shelf thing going on…

  19. andthisiswhyiwilldiealonesurroundedbycats on said:

    Oh man. I’m the other extreme. From the back of my shoulders down to the heels of my feet you could use me as a spirit measure.

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