Fat Bottom Girl Said What

When my ass talks, people listen.

Old Concert T-Shirts

the old concert t-shirt

was the only thing you left

when you left me

even though it was one of your favorite bands

maybe it reminded you too much

of the night we met

pushed up against each other

in a sea of people

I turned to look at you

and I instantly knew

I would be okay with seeing your face

across the table over my coffee cup every morning

for many mornings to come

but one day

the music just stopped for you

shared song lyrics were no longer enough

in a world filled with temptations

of new tunes

so here I sit

in your holey concert t-shirt

drinking coffee alone



My body has become


my legs merely carry me through days of loneliness

my arms no longer know how to embrace a man

my hands have forgotten how to alight upon skin to bring pleasure

and only go through the motions of sustainment






my heart serves only to syncopate the silence of singlehood

What is left when your body has forgotten how to live?


Ordinary Things

Love me the most

for the ordinary things

for the way I get lost in the music

and sing like no one is listening

for the way I have conversations with my animals

like they’re people

for the way I vacuum the floor

and fold the towels

for the way I kiss you every morning

before you walk out the door

like it might be the last time I see you

Love me

just because

I’m me

and there’s no one else like me


I see you there

falling in love with her brokenness

wanting to be her savior

casting demons from her

so she’ll prostrate herself at your feet

like some sort of Mary Magdalene


There will be no

second coming for you

no resurrection

though you imagine yourself a god among men


She is far stronger and wiser

than a table full of men will ever give her credit for

both sinner and saint

she will never ask forgiveness

for the destruction men have left her with

and she needs no saving from you







The Road To Hell


stretched thin

by years of feeding gluttonous demons

who refuse to be satiated


scarred by an unquenchable thirst for transgressions

found in the bottom of bottles


say the righteous

as they attempt to cover a multitude of sins

with purported piety


your knees for sexual improprieties

I am not frightened by the idea of everlasting nothingness 

when the path I walk in life

is paved with monsters

A Slice Of Heaven

Cotton sheets snap in the breeze

ghosts dancing in tandem

fibers infused with hyacinth carried on the spring air

I sink my toes into the cool clover

and watch cloud shadows race across the ground

Sunshine burns the part in my hair

and just for a minute

this is heaven




When the robins arrive

bring me pansies

to signal the arrival of spring

and bring light to a soul

left dark by too many weeks of winter



Road Trip



windows down

radio up

miles of pavement flying by

destination unknown


Night Blindness

You walk around in the world


It’s come to be expected

Those who purport to care about you

have become blind

to your struggles

You wander aimlessly in the darkness

because there’s no one there

to help you find your light

Knowing if the misery swallowed you whole

no one would come to claim

your corpse


The darkness settles in

along with the loneliness

perfect partners

dancing in the shadows

until daybreak finds us

naked and alone

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