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Rico Suave and Douchebags: They have more in common than you thought!

Are you fucking serious?  You proposition me for sex, then send me pictures of other women, telling me how “smokin’ hot” they are?  Does this normally work for you?  How does one get so Rico Suave??


But you don’t stop there, because obviously, there is no end to your coolness.  You send me a picture of some chick, who seemingly wants you so bad she won’t leave her husband for you, sans clothing.  Yes, you read it correctly–naked.  Full frontal, all her lady bits hanging out for god and everybody to see, including her monkey face with the upper lip (on her face) that needs waxing.  I am unsure if the other parts of her need waxing, because I didn’t look that close, but what possesses even a Fuck Stick like you, to send another woman pictures of another naked woman, who you are claiming to have been intimate with?

First of all, ladies, I can’t stress this enough, DO NOT EVER SEND NAKED PICTURES TO A MAN WITH YOUR FACE INCLUDED IN THEM!!  I thought this was just good common sense, but the ability to do something like text naked pictures to fuck sticks, has obviously overridden some women’s common sense.  I am not telling you not to “sext”, but let’s be a little bit smarter about it!  I love to sext just as much as the next horny chick, but if you’re going to send a man “those kinds of pictures”, don’t ever include your face!!  These could be used against you at some point, or just used in general by a Fuck Stick, who I guess is trying to make some sort of point by sending it, but I’m not really sure what the point is.

Oh, wait!  I think I know!

As in, "your grandma's old. . . . "

As in, “your grandma’s old. . . . “

It’s that he must be an even bigger douchebag than I thought he was!

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43 thoughts on “Rico Suave and Douchebags: They have more in common than you thought!

  1. Um, hey, so I’m thinking it’s time to block this rat bastard’s number maybe….? And yeah, duh, no faces ladies… nothing identifying. That’s just Sexting 101, ain’t it?

    • I know I probably SHOULD block it, but he’s entertaining in a fuck stick sort of way. Besides, what would I write about?? hahaha

      And yes, definitely Sexting 101 rules, but my guess is that if she doesn’t know she should remove the extra hair from her upper lip, she doesn’t know about following the rules! bwahahaha

  2. merbear74 on said:

    My lady bits are way too saggy to be photographed.

  3. Crap, I totally meant to mention not sending naked pics to boys in my post today!!! Fuck! Grown women do such things? Good lord, I’ll never get you women. Idiot men were the most popular when we were all teens too. Whatever.

  4. Don, I am such a simple creature! I want laughter and sex, both in generous quantities, and whatever else I want when I want it. lol

  5. what an ASS! Men are so darn stupid sometimes. I sometimes wonder how they would react if we sent them naked pics of the guys interested in us. First, off I’d pick the finest guy I’ve got and then he’d feel inadequate! I’m kind of evil like that…

    • I was wishing I had pics of meat candy to send him!! Fuck Stick isn’t exactly overly blessed in the britches, if you know what I mean. I do have a booty call that would put him to shame! Maybe that was what he was trying to do by sending me the pic of skank ho with saggy lady bits. . . .didn’t work!! lol

      • I have some meat candy if you want to borrow one! lol I’m glad it didn’t work!!! You deserve so much better than that jerk!!!

      • What he doesn’t know, is that I could’ve had a booty call right after we “broke up”. . .if it can be called that. Did I?? No, because it takes me a little to get past things. Will I?? Oh yes, and probably soon! lol

      • Lol…I can understand you needing some time to switch gears! Sooner later it will sink in to his thick skull that he lost a good thing when he lost you!!!

      • Don’t know if that will ever happen.

  6. Good advice. Without the face, just send Marlyn Monroe’s naked body.

  7. Oh I thought I was special with my ex who threatened to send me naked photos of ‘a really fit bird’ but nope, you win!

  8. Just so I understand this right, he was dumb enough to do all of the above F-stickness but was still smart enough to use a phone? Does he have one of those three-button phones that calls his Mom, the police and you? I don’t get it. And I doubt he’s getting any either…

  9. Those pictures were probably downloaded from the net.

    P.S. If you have any self worth block and never speak to him again.

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