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To Sext, Or Not To Sext. . . .That Is The Question!

So along with the, “should I get busy with a younger man” question floating around in my head, there is also the, “should I sext, or not sext” question.  Yes, this has come up because of the younger man.  For lack of a better term, let’s just call him Fuckalicious.  You will have to trust me on this one, he truly is.  Of course I really have a thing for guys with dark hair and blue eyes, and nice bodies, but maybe that’s not your type.  Who am I kidding?  He’s pretty much every girl’s type!  This is why I question what he wants to do with me??

But, back to the sexting issue.  This came up AGAIN, because of Fuckalicious.  I have sexted in the past.  The first time I ever sexted was when I was in a relationship with a guy.  It started out as just text sexts, but soon escalated to pictures.  Keep in mind we only sent pictures to each other AFTER we had seen each others’ naughty bits in person.  So, I was totally blown away the other morning when Fuckalicious sends me a pic of his man tool, in all it’s glory!  We had texted each other for the first time the night before this, and were flirty, but I was quite surprised this had escalated quite so quickly.

So then what does he want?  A picture from me.  I tell him I am at work, and can’t send anything like that, but try to appease him with a couple different shots, one of me in a pin-up pic, fully clothed of course, and another one from the lake this summer.  He replies that these are “yummy” and “sexy”, and we text back and forth a little more.  Later that day, he hits me up after work, and wants me to send him a pic.  I am on my way to my son’s soccer practice, and tell him this.  I try to engage him in some texting, and ask him a couple of questions, but he doesn’t answer until later in the evening, telling me he was at practice.  I ask him what kind of practice, but he never answers.  The next morning I decide I will send him a picture of my tits.  I think I have pretty good tits for a 43 year old, but am still nervous considering he’s only 30.  I don’t just show my tits to everyone, but they are just tits, so. . . .I send it, and he sees it when he gets up.  To which he replies “yummy”.  (I didn’t say he’s a genius with a great vocabulary, I said he’s smokin’ hot!  You can’t have it all!)

He wants more.  Well, shit,  he can’t be appeased with a tit picture, he wants a pic of the nether regions.  I tell him I can’t send him that because I don’t even know for sure what his name is.  He tells me it’s Mike, and I still call him Fuckalicious in my mind.  I am at work, so I buy some more time with that.  I text him a couple of times throughout the day, he doesn’t respond.  In fact, he doesn’t respond until late yesterday afternoon, that he’s still waiting for the picture.

I text him last night, and explain a couple of things to him.  One, that I am not in the habit of sending men I barely know pictures of my cooter, and two, I want to know what the pay-off is going to be for all of this.  I’m sorry, but at this point in my life, I want to know what the fuck I might be getting out of all of this!  Is this just supposed to be let’s sext each other, and then you have pics to whack off to, or is this work actually going to end in post-coital cuddling after a 3 hour sex marathon??  Because if it’s not the latter, forget it!  Does that sound selfish?  Maybe so, but I let him know that being in my 40’s, I know what I want, I know what I like, and basically that I’m not interested in doing a bunch of work, and using a bunch of my precious time doing all of this, if there’s no pay-off!  I’m all for having a fuck buddy, or a friend with benefits, especially when it’s a smokin’ hot 30 year old, but really?

It is now Sunday morning, and I haven’t gotten any sort of reply from him.  It is quite possible I will never hear from him again.  That’s too bad, because he is quite “fuckalicious”!

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3 thoughts on “To Sext, Or Not To Sext. . . .That Is The Question!

  1. You’re right, it should be giving and taking. Sexting is fun, though if there’s nothing coming back but “yummy!” and “show me more”, then it’s not really worth the effort.

  2. Yes, be careful! If you haven’t met him in person he could really be an ugly dirty man that just wants to upload your pics to a website and trade with other guys and may never meet but just jack off to the photos. Men do do that after all.

    I have a couple nude pics online because I am on Adult Friend Finder and also another swinger site but I am careful what I posst even on there. You have to realize anyone can possibly see it. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist so I don’t care that much in general but if a guy is toying with me emotionally just to get nude pics that pisses me off.

  3. It all might be moot anyway, because I haven’t heard a word from him since late yesterday afternoon. This is what tends to happen. The guys I meet have little follow through. All blow and no go!

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