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You Say It’s Your Re-Birthday? It’s My Re-Birthday Too!

3 years. 3 years? You’ve got to be shitting me! I rarely stick with anything for 6 months, let alone a year, and WP just notified me I’m having an anniversary. I prefer to call it a birthday though. More appropriately, I think I should call it my “re-birthday”.

I started this blog hoping to set some thoughts free. I thought if I put them into cyberspace that maybe they could sort of metaphorically be flung into the universe and I could be free of them.

But what really happened is that there was a coming together of like-minded people. A meeting of soul sisters, and some soul brothers, who came to read my rants and ramblings, and stayed to support me through trials and tribulations.

More often than not, this blog has nurtured me. It’s given me food for my soul delivered by my fellow bloggers. Some days when I thought I would starve, I came here and found a table laid with a feast by all of you. You gave me the morsels and nuggets I’ve needed to get through the last 3 years, and for that I want to say thank you. I can only hope that I may have touched your lives in some way, and possibly even given you a bit of strength or hope to get through a crappy day or maybe even two.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to this blog over the next 3 years. It’s going to go through some changes, and it has already branched out to include a separate poetry blog. Frankly, I don’t know if it will survive another 3 years. Maybe I don’t need it to survive another 3 years, and maybe I do. Only time will tell.

I get so frustrated with it at times. I get frustrated with myself for not writing enough, for not reading enough, for having such inconsistent stats! And then I try to remember why I came here in the first place.

I came here to heal. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s what drew me here. I had stopped writing about 6 years, and it was killing me. I was drowning in thoughts and feelings and ideas and stories and poems. This was my life raft.

And as luck would have it, not only did my albeit bumpy WordPress path lead me to personal insight and growth, it also led me to My Man, and him to me. To me our relationship is nothing short of a miracle, it’s such a good fit. He gets me. Finally, someone gets me, and he loves me in spite of it. Or because of it, I’m not quite sure which. I just know I thank the universe for him every day.

Today, I’m spending a special shout out to all of you. You know who you are, all you damn fat bottom girl stalkers! Thanks for being there!

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21 thoughts on “You Say It’s Your Re-Birthday? It’s My Re-Birthday Too!

  1. Congrats on three yrs

  2. Congratulations on three amazing years, my FBG-sister! Keep rockin’ that Fat Bottom and making us all laugh. Love you!

  3. πŸ™‚ Congratulations. Happy Re-birthday.

  4. That’s a long time in blog years. Nice work! Sorry I’ve been a stranger, but it’s hard to live life and keep up with all this stuff. Hope all is well! It sounds like it is.

    • Blog years and dog years seem to be quite similar. lol I debate constantly whether I have to energy to continue, but if I don’t, who would read my terrible poetry and dick jokes??

      And I totally hear you, I’ve been a stranger too when it comes to keeping up with my reading. My apologies grasshopper.

      Thanks much!

  5. Happy Re-Birthday! Where do I find your poetry blog?

  6. J.D. Gallagher on said:

    Well done! I wouldn’t worry about not writing something in a while. We all take breaks for different reasons. It’s great that your life has changed so much for the better since you started the blog.

  7. I wish I were independently wealthy and didn’t have to do the 9 to 5 so I could spend more time on my blog and the ones I want to read. Just not enough hours in the day, I’m afraid. So I’m constantly catching up — but I always do come back. πŸ˜‰
    That said, I am happy for your re-birthday! You have given me a lot of entertainment and thought provocation since I first found you. Don’t stop!

    • Thanks so much!! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too! I especially loved your music lists, as I’m all about the tunes. πŸ™‚

      I’ll be winning the lotto soon, and will send you some. πŸ˜‰

      • Awesome. That check will be in the mail — I just know it! I am way behind on my music posts — I’m up to “R” now, and I have to get that going again! Okay…maybe tonight! Thanks for the encouragement — I need it!

      • Yayyy! I will be sure and look for it soon!

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