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Which planet are you??

Men and women are more like Saturn and Uranus.  (Photo Credit:  nineplanets.org)

Men and women are more like Saturn and Uranus. (Photo Credit: nineplanets.org)

I have to know if any other woman’s mind works this way, or if I am just an odd duck. Men, feel free to chime in too, because I always love hearing the male perspective. I really don’t think men and women are that much different; but instead of Mars and Venus, more like Uranus and Saturn.  I will leave it up to you to decide which sex wears a sort-of halo, and which sex’s name sounds like an asshole, but let me tell you at any given moment either sex could be either one. But I digress, because I came here seeking advice, from you, my omniscient followers.

Last Saturday night I went dancing and met “Whatshisname”. I thought Whatshisname and I kind of hit it off, we talked, we laughed, we danced, he opened doors for me and shit. . .we even kissed before the night was over, and wow, just wow. Anyway, I thought it was a great night, I offered my number, he took it, and I really thought he would call. He hasn’t called, and it’s now Friday.

On the other hand, I have Booty Call, BC for short. BC hit me up last Friday night, but I didn’t want to wait up until he left the bar, so I went to bed. BC hit me up Saturday night, but I was busy dancing with Whatshisname. BC hit me up again last night, but I was on my way to bed. (I get up very early because I commute to my job, and am usually in bed by 9 p.m.)

Here’s the deal, and I do this kind of shit all the time: I am waiting on Whatshisname to call. I know, I barely know the guy, but I think I would really like to get to know him better, so I am sort of avoiding BC. Don’t get me wrong, sex with BC is good, but he’s BC–there’s no affection, there’s no hand-holding, there’s no “you have the most beautiful eyes”, it’s just sex. Which sometimes is okay, but not while I am in a holding pattern. I keep telling myself it’s silly of me to sit around waiting, wanting Whatshisname to call, that I need to keep living my life, and that would include seeing/doing BC, but I couldn’t go there last night. I don’t know when I will be able to see BC, because I really want to see Whatshisname.

Why does it seem like I have given my heart away to Whatshisname already? I guess because I am a fool, a hopeless fool who wants something, and I don’t even know what that “something” is!! Does anyone else do this stupid shit, or is it just my dumb ass??

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28 thoughts on “Which planet are you??

  1. I’d have done this 25 years ago when I was a teenager. Well, I’d have still worked in the the BC though. I never passed on that.

    • I shouldn’t pass on the BC!! Never pass up a chance for sex!! lol

      So are you saying I am acting like a teenager??

      • As you are a woman, I knew you’d take that comment right there as an affront so I left it open to any interpretation you wanted. Maybe that dude lost your number or maybe his wife found it in his pocket the next day? Who knows?

      • I don’t think he’s married, but I guess you never know. And if he did lose my number, he actually knows where I live because he gave me a ride home. I just always figured the worst–he doesn’t want to see me again. 😦

      • I don’t know. Maybe you should have had him in for coffee that night?

      • Well, I sort of did. . .thanks for making me spill my secrets Don!! lol But it wasn’t coffee, it was for a beer.

        Wait a minute. . . .was “coffee” supposed to be code for something?? hahaha

  2. I di this all the time. I think it’s just the initial want to have someone nice in my life. Even though in the end I feel I’m better off without them… but I usually fall for jerks.

    Anyway, the longer he goes not talking to you the easier it will be. Time and distance have a way to heal most things.

    • I just wanted to get to know him better, but I am guessing he doesn’t feel the same. Would be so nice if a guy would just tell you if he’s not planning on calling you!! hahaha

      • I invited a guy to get ice cream and I think that was the equivalent of a marriage proposal to him…he turned me down. And my goal, to get to know him better.

        Like everyone keeps telling me, stop trying and that’s when the right one will come along. We’ll see how that works out. Could be a few years 🙂

      • That is exactly why I didn’t ask for his number! lol I wanted him to be the one to make the effort since I am always the one to do all the work.

        You have a lot on your plate, with going back to school!! You never know, maybe you will meet someone at college, they say most people do. 😉

      • I guess I have that chance. But I’ll be 10 years older than most people around me…

      • You might be surprised though, there are a lot more non-traditional students these days. Whatever happens, it’s going to be great!! You’re going to be learning new things and do a great thing for you and your son!!! You should be so proud of yourself!!

  3. buffalotompeabody on said:

    I think women should stay away from men who think they are Pluto… Because they will always be trying to prove that they are a planet.

  4. Don’t stress over it and live life. He calls, he calls, if he doesn’t its his loss

  5. Maybe he doesn’t want to seem over anxious. You might get the call later. But then there would be the BC problem to resolve.

  6. I’ve definitely met some people of both sexes from Uranus. LOL I hate waiting for phone calls. It should be against the law. The fact that he didn’t give you his number is a bad sign, I would think. After 16 years of marriage, I’m out of touch with dating. I will say this, though. My now-husband had no intention of following up after our first meeting. A mutual friend jumpstarted things. Men are as afraid to invest in new things as anybody.

    • I didn’t ask for his number, and he didn’t offer it. Not sure if that’s a bad sign or not, but just want a guy to make some effort to be a part of my life. I am tired of doing all the work!!

      He did kiss me before he got out of the car, and I thought that was a good thing, but who knows. Me personally if I was wanting to get away from someone, I certainly wouldn’t kiss them. LOL.

      I agree that men are as cautious, or maybe even more cautious than women. It’s even worse at our age after having been married and divorced.

  7. Patience…men do things on their own schedules, you know that. Besides, time off from dating can be a good thing, especially on the heels of a breakup. 🙂 And I agree that if he doesn’t call, it’s his loss. 😉

    • They certainly do!! And nagging doesn’t help them to move any faster, does it?? Maybe, just maybe, while I am thinking about him, he is also thinking about me. I am feeling pretty good with where I am at right now. Trying to carve out my own little spot. 🙂

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