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We Poets Show It

Yesterday a poem of mine, entitled “Blow the Fucking House Down”, was featured on We Poets Show it (though they used the word blowing, instead of blow in the title–oops). If you didn’t see it when I previously posted it here on my page, go over there and check it out. While you’re at it, look around, check out some of the other forms of creative expression they feature.

Warsan Shire


I have just purchased her book of poetry, “Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth”,  from Amazon and can’t wait to sit down and digest every little morsel of it, delighting in the feeling of someone being inside my head and my heart.  I could have had the Kindle edition for half the price, but I want the tactile experience of the book.  I came across this quote yesterday; I needed to see it, to read it.  Isn’t it amazing how the universe puts things in your path when you need them the most?  On my quest to returning to my former satisfaction with my self, this is another good step.

blow the fucking house down

brick by brick
with every harsh word
or raised hand
that’s how I built it up
concrete and reinforcing steel
with unkind comments and condescending names
that’s how I built it up

your compliments, your attentiveness
it chisels away at the mortar and brick
the way your eyes look at me, the way your hand seeks mine to hold
it jackhammers the foundation
you saying I am beautiful, that you don’t understand how someone hasn’t snatched me up before
makes the foundation crumble

careful, so careful
don’t let the foundation crumble
don’t let the walls collapse
run, gather supplies
shore up the walls, fortify your defenses
no one can be allowed in
once they are inside the walls can come down too quickly
leaving you exposed to the elements of love

little pig, little pig
let me in
fuck you, I said to the big, bad wolf

Photo Credit:  tumbler.com

Photo Credit: tumbler.com

My Wordle Wednesday

So it’s no secret that I love my Wordle Wednesdays. Well, today it really is “My Wordle Wednesday”, since Kira asked if she could use a post I wrote the other day, the one about self-love. If you enjoy poetry, you should head over there and check it out, and maybe even contribute. Here’s what I came up with today:

destructive words
Full of spite
Belittle and demean
Flaws articulated
Know your worth
Speak kindly
Love yourself best

One Night Stand


Photo Credit: Harvey Nichols Walk of Shame Christmas Cards http://www.mirror.co.uk

walk of shame
played the game
what’s your name
whose to blame
I need the fame
now don’t feel the same
I’m just some dame
walk of shame

*I have never been fond of verse that rhymes for some reason, but am quite aware this one does.  It might also be considered a type of alliteration.  Really, I don’t have to have a name for it, and don’t really know why I am explaining myself–I used it specifically for effect.



Poisoned memory
of forgotten love
You, a beast with a snout
in princely clothing
Me, bloodied by your volatility
In those moments you killed instantly,
every small kindness
Take your bow,
this is the end
Don’t let the door hit you in the ass

Kira, over at My Pen, My Sword,  started Wordle Wednesdays awhile back, and immediately I was addicted! She was on hiatus for a bit, dealing with some personal issues, but recently came back. So glad you’re back, Kira, and am happy you brought back Wordle Wednesday too, now with its very own site! Go visit Wordle Wednesdays, and get your creative juices flowing with a little poetry!

**I struggled putting this poem together.  Usually they come very easily to me, the words just fly off the page at me, I grab them, arrange them, and am done in a couple minutes time.  It didn’t happen that way today.  I feel so shut down right now, like I can’t hardly write, the words won’t come because I have no feelings about anything right now.

The Bad Bard

Poetry. Used to write tons of it. I don’t know if any of it was worth two shits, but I poured my heart out in verse in spiral notebooks.  It’s been years since I’ve written a poem, but Jason, over at Jasonwrites.com, has inspired my muse.  Also, a sense of sadness has come over me this afternoon and I can’t seem to shake it.  I am quite aware I am probably being overdramatic and worrisome, but it has to do with the new guy not contacting me all day.  But that’s best left to another entry regarding my insanity.  So, here goes!

Who are you,

and where did you come from?

Do I know you,

are you like all the others who have come before?

The ones who have






and then just left. . .

Left me here


To pick up all the


Can I



there is one good man

who is


I have ever desired?

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