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High Tide

Your words were missives in the sand

which couldn’t stand up to

the pull of water or time



just like your presence in my life



Fat Tuesday


Fat Bottom Girl Said What


Ash Wednesday

was merely you stamping out your cigarette

and me standing there watching

as the last of the smoke escaped your lips

unable to give you up

for any sort of ridiculous religious conviction

atheist or otherwise

my sins paled in comparison to yours

and left me feeling pious and righteous

never worried about whose left hand I would be sitting at

when all was said and done

the food and the fucking both taste so much better

when someone tells you you can’t have them

so pour your communion wine into the dip of my shoulder

my belly button

and drink of life’s blood

drown out the trumpet sounds drifting through the windows

and toss aside all the beads

our Mardi Gras will never end

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The Old Neighborhood

my heart is the

neighborhood tavern

the diner down the street

dingy but inviting


there for as long as you can remember

the booths with cracked vinyl

the formica tabletops worn from resting forearms and elbows

the stool at the end of the bar

where the wood is polished from years of wear and marked by cigarette burns

but you are only interested in

the new tapas place down the street

which will be closed before the year is up





They always love something more than you



other women

the game

So you go to the back of the line

and wait

hoping some day it will be your turn

to come first

But time passes

and the queue never gets any shorter

and you can no longer believe the lies people tell you

that your time is coming

that you should stop looking because he’ll find you

that some man is really going to appreciate you

And hope

which was once a steadfast companion

abandons you on the side of the road


Black Void

You never get points

for being

the one who’s there

because they always want the one

who’s gone

the one who left them heartbroken


the one who didn’t know


or love

the one whose hair is longer

who’s prettier than you


the one who

manufactured lies

into realities

and left them empty


I would go to the ends of the earth for you

but if I fell off the face of it

it would take days for you to notice

but it’s okay

because I often forget myself

become disconnected

from the strings of the puppet master

who makes my arms lift

head nod

knees bend

always lost among the scenery

blending into the bland backdrop

a bit player

in what you believe to be your masterpiece

which was written on the insides of empty cigarette packs

and cereal boxes

because you were to lazy to fetch a piece of paper

and you thought it would make a better story

to write it on recycling

because it’s what you’ve always done

told the same lies over and over again

retelling a truth which never existed

and leaving me

to wander the globe

without knowing which way is up

because you broke my internal compass

Winter Visitors

Frost lies heavy on the ground

sparkling like diamonds

jewels bestowed upon me by Jack Frost

he’s the only man who comes to visit

besides Father Time




Love Dormancy

Always rough around the edges

hardened by life

still seeking asylum in strong arms

where she can be soft

she allows him in

only to be burned again

wondering what she did wrong

always feeling like she’s paying the piper

for unknown tunes

she doesn’t remember dancing to

her heart now buried so deep

no sunlight will reach it

to entice even a bud of love



Victory Red

Kiss me

like I want to be

need to be


like it’s January 1942

and we don’t know

if we’ll ever have another kiss

my Victory Red lipstick

staining your lips

the wool of your uniform

scratching my powdered cheek

our words

declarations of love

promises of letters

hanging in the cold air

as you board the train






my exterior is tough


marked by battle scars

as is the heart which beats within my chest

but my bones

are those of the robin

who arrives to signal spring



easily crushed under foot

you broke my wish bone

with your dishonesty

and now I cannot fly

what good is a bird

who is grounded


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